About this treatment

We designed this treatment especially for mums because we understand that pregnancy can be a difficult thing and sometimes stressful.

It certainly requires a lot of patience to be a perfect mother, ensuring your babies will grow up healthy in both bodies and minds.

This treatment is inspired by a new and lovely mum who has suggested and shared with us her motherhood experience and what it is like to become a mother!

We believe that what we have to offer in this treatment will help mums cope more easily with motherhood, whether it is to de-stress or just to relax.

The Healing techniques of Thai Yoga Traditional combines acupressure, stretching, joint mobilisation and a series of assisted yoga postures. These will help to unblock the major energy channels in the body which we in the West have come to know as tension and knotted muscles and are referred to in "sen" lines.

30 mins - £35

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