About this treatment

Thai Serenity Deep Tissue massage is our signature massage!

This method focuses on the benefits of Thai massage with experienced therapists trained both in Thailand and in the UK.

Thai massage has a history of over 2500 years and consists of a combination of techniques that help you to relieve physical and emotional tension and re-energise your mind and body.

The therapist uses his/her elbow, knees and knuckles in order to apply a more concentrated force, breaking down the adhesion (bands of rigid tissue that cause pain) and restoring normal movement, circulation and decreasing inflammation.

Again, as in the Deep tissue massage, you may experience some pain during the session, but it will begin to fade shortly after the session has concluded.

30 mins - £30 / 60 mins - £50 / 75 mins - £65 / 90 mins - £75 / 120 mins - £100

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