Thai Traditional
Traditional Thai massage helps a person’s muscles, joints, ligaments and fascia by relaxing muscle tension, relieving the spasm, and improving the range of motion. 

The recipient of the massage wears loose, comfortable clothing and lies on a firm mattress. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscle, the therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. The massage may or may not use oils. 
60 mins - £60 / 75 mins - £70 / 90 mins - £80 / 120 mins - £100
Thai Herbal Healer
Hot compresses promote relaxation while soothing aching muscle and stiff joints. Since the motions are very gentle, it can be more appropriate for parts of the body that are too tender or sore for hand massage. Herbal Massage is known for its healing properties: it improves blood circulation and stimulates the internal organs. 

Medicinal herbs are blended, wrapped and tied in fragrant bundles, which are steamed hot, slowly releasing their revitalising and healing essential oils when gently applied to specific points of the body releasing their healing benefits into the pores of the skin. They can be combined with the use of hands to focus the massage on knots. 
60 mins - £60 / 75 mins - £70 / 90 mins - £80 / 120 mins - £100
Thai Jade Stone Massage
Hot Jade Stone Body Massage - Jade has long been considered a symbol of beauty,power and good health within the court of Siam. Due to its high content of silica, Jade is believed to strengthen the kidneys, liver and heart, reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. The heat from the Jade stones relaxes the muscles enabling a deeper massage. You will be left feeling total rejuvenated with your mind and body in total harmony.
60 mins - £60 / 75 mins - £70 / 90 mins - £80 / 120 mins - £100
Thai Oil (Deep Tissue Massage)
Thai Serenity Deep Tissue massage is our signature massage! This method focuses on the benefits of Thai massage with experienced therapists trained both in Thailand and in the UK. Thai massage has a history of over 2500 years and consists of a combination of techniques that help you to relieve physical and emotional tension and re-energise your mind and body. The therapist uses his/her elbow, knees and knuckles in order to apply a more concentrated force, breaking down the adhesion (bands of rigid tissue that cause pain) and restoring normal movement, circulation and decreasing inflammation. Again as in the Deep tissue massage you may experience some pain during the session but it will begin to fade shortly after the session has concluded. 
30 mins - £30 / 60 mins - £50 / 75 mins - £65 / 90 mins - £75 / 120 mins - £100
Aromatherapy Massage
Aroma massage is a therapy that concentrates mostly on the benefits that come from the highly concentrated plant oils. Whilst you are inhaling the molecules from the essential oils messages are transmitted to the brain that can affect the blood pressure, immune system, stress levels and digestion. Our skilled therapists will choose the most suitable combination of essential oils in order to relax or stimulate you according to your needs. 
30 mins - £30 / 60 mins - £50 / 75 mins - £65 / 90 mins - £75 / 120 mins - £100
Pregnancy Massage

Pre-Birth Essential - A ritual therapy designed exclusively for the expectant mother. This luxurious treatment ill help relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, physical stress and fluid retention. Using Asian botanical ingredients and unique massage techniques the treatment relieves aching sides and back and soothes swollen tired legs. The whole body is left feeling lighter and smoother and the stiffness that comes with the heaviness of pregnancy is relieved. A regular treatment can help fatigue and circulation and the skin will be left supple and soft thereby preventing stretch marks. You will have a feeling of renewed energy and feel good inside and out. Good for you, good for baby. 

60 mins - £60 / 75 mins - £70 / 90 mins - £80 / 120 mins - £100
Post Pregnancy Massage

We designed this treatment especially for mums because we understand that pregnancy can be a difficult thing and sometimes stressful.

It certainly requires a lot of patience to be a perfect mother ensuring your babies will grow up healthy in both bodies and minds.

This treatment is inspired by a new and lovely mum who has suggested and shared with us her motherhood experience and what it is like to become a mother!

We believe that what we have to offer in this treatment will help mums cope more easily with motherhood, whether it is to de-stress or just to relax.

The Healing techniques of Thai Yoga Traditional combines acupressure, stretching, joint mobilisation and a series of assisted yoga postures. These will help to unblock the major energy channels

in the body which we in the West have come to know as  tension and knotted muscles and is referred to in "sen" lines.

40 mins / £35
Thai Foot Massage
Thai foot massage or reflexology involves stretching and applying pressure on the legs and primarily on the soles of the feet. The therapist can apply pressure using his/her fingers, knuckles or a rounded wooden stick with oil. Once the pressure is applied that stimulates reflexes in another area of the body which subsequently help you feel relaxed, balanced and rejuvenated. Thai foot massage is great for tired feet, improving lymph movement in the feet and legs and improving flexibility.
30 mins -£30 / 60 mins - £50
Thai Scalp Massage
Oriental Scalp massage is a traditional Thai treatment that uses oils and pressure points techniques to help relieve the tension accumulated in the tissues, joints and muscles around the face and neck area. It can help relieve tension, stress and improve circulation. Also excellent for insomnia, chronic headache, migraine and sinusitis.  

30 mins -£30 / 60 mins - £50
Thai Serenity Hot Candles
Candle massages are extremely relaxing and will awaken your senses. Relax and calm your mind in a warm and intimate room, softly lit by the flame of the candle. The soothing aroma of the candle will take you on a journey of senses. A massage combining warm essences and expert movements that will leave you rejuvenated. Pure and natural essential   oils are captured in the little body of the massage candle. These oils will awaken your senses and deeply nourish your skin, enhancing your massage experience. Soft touches, caresses, light pressure, broad kneading and smooth rubbing, all of these are part of the movements and will enhance the elasticity of your skin. Only special massage candlesspecifically designed for candle massages, are used. Candle massages are perfectly safe for the skin as they do not contain harmful substances such as phthalic acid salts, paraben or glycol.
60 mins - £60 / 75 mins - £70 / 90 mins - £80 / 120 mins - £100